Pop Quiz: How Does a Small Company Generate Leads Like a Big Company?

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



That's what I asked Holly Allison a few weeks ago.

Holly is the vice president of marketing at  Vico Software , a successful Boston-area startup that provides  construction software to engineers and contractors.

Holly's answer?

Inbound marketing .

With the economy tightening, Holly says, Vico can't be spending money on trade shows or  direct mail . Instead, they produce webinars and create content that prospects download and link to. In other words, they do things that help them get found.

And it's working. Over the past six months, their website traffic is up 89%, their free download program is up over 200% and they've generated over 1,500 leads.

In the video below, Holly explains the process.

Although Holly is a HubSpot customer, this video focuses on Vico's approach to marketing, not its use of HubSpot software (we try avoid talking too much about HubSpot in the Inbound Marketing Blog). We have a separate page for  HubSpot case studies .

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