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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



HubSpot TV Episode #29 - February 27, 2009
(Show Length: 26 minutes 53 seconds )


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Special Guest Paul Gillin, Author and Technology Journalist

  • How did you get into inbound marketing?
  • Many "born on the Web" companies excel at social media, but do you have a favorite traditional corporation that has done things well?
  • What's the biggest mistake that marketers make when they first start using social media?
  • Tell us about the Inbound Marketing Summit. What should attendees expect?

IMS Contest: Special ticket giveway! : Blog post about their favorite example of inbound marekting (theirs or someone elses.) In that blog post, must link to HubSpot TV and IMS. Make sure we can find you!

Why Online Matters More than Print

Bear Market Hits Online Ads

  •  ;
  • Big story at the IAB (INteractive Advertising Board) conference this week - IDC went from a 10% growth estimate to a %% decline estimate
  • Online does not equal Inbound - Banner ads are still distration based advertising - the ROI is not that high in most cases, therefore they shoudl be an area you would cut first
  • Marketing Takeaway:  Remember that inbound has higher ROI and all online is not inbound. 

The Long Tail is Getting Longer and Fatter

Marketing Tip of the Week: Be your own publisher. Don't rely on gatekeepers to relay your news. Why not start your own blog?


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