Most marketing experts will tell you that if you blog more frequently - or publish any original content more frequently including photos, videos, and podcasts - you will get more web traffic and subscribers to your blog (by RSS and email).

To test that hypothesis, I did a little experiment - not on the HubSpot website or blog - but on my personal website because it is a test case similar to the average small business.  

Like many small businesses, I have had my site for a long time, my site gets about 1,000 visitors per month, and I have about 500 links into my website.  From my experience this is a typical situation for many small businesses.

Normally I write about 8-10 blog articles per month.  None of them are that great because all my best content ends up on this inbound marketing blog you are reading.  So, compared to most small businesses that usually have not started to use a business blogging system, I already had an advantage because I had over 100 articles on my website.

For the experiment, I decided to write a new article every single day (even weekends) for the month of February.  The hypothesis was that by producing more content and being active in the blogosphere, more people would find me, I would have a larger footprint in the search engines, get some SEO benefits from more inbound links, have a more interesting presence in social media which would drive more traffic, and just generally power up my inbound marketing program.

Here are the results: more traffic from search engines (Google), more traffic from social media (Twitter), more blog subscribers, more website visitors.  I probably would have had more leads too if I had a decent call to action on my website and cared about leads.  

This is very similar to the marketing ROI that other companies report from implementing inbound marketing.





Total articles (end of month) 112  140 25% increase
Visitors from Google search 326 377 16% increase
Visitors from Twitter 302 333 10% increase
Average website visitors / day 45 55 23% increase
Blog subscribers (RSS & email) 165 246 49% increase
inbound marketing trafic growth 

The marketing takeaway? Publish more content to give a boost to your inbound marketing program!

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Originally published Mar 9, 2009 8:19:00 AM, updated October 18 2015


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