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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



HubSpot TV Episode #30 - March 6, 2009
(Show Legnth: 23 minutes 59 seconds)


Mail Bag


Facebook Makes Changes for Global Domination

DMA Cuts More Employees, Cancels Event

  • DMNews: DMA Makes Second Round of Cutbacks
  • 50 people laid off in past 5 months, only 86 employees left
  • They say they are looking for "less dependence on the more volatile parts of our traditional revenue, especially our large portfolio of conferences and events."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Traditional direct marketing industry is taking a hit. However, the Inbound Marketing Summit is growing 3x in 2009!

Skittles Says "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Website"

Marketing Tip of the Week

  •  Get your business on Facebook!

Forum Fodder

  • Anne from Novo Solutions asks: "What is a good bounce rate?" and "What is an average B2B lead conversion rate?"
  • Bounce rate and conversion rate depend not only on the content of the page or website--but also on the type of traffic going to the website.
  • B2B website overall, a 2-4% site conversion rate is about average. However, when using HubSpot software and methodology, you should strive for better than this.
  • For landing pages, conversion varies greatly by the source of traffic. From my experience, landing page conversion rates for B2B companies include:

    • AdWords / Paid Search: 8-12%
    • Banner Ads: 5-20%
    • Links from your website/blog: 5-25%
    • Opt-in follow-up Email marketing: 20-40%
    • HubSpot's overall website conversion rate is 15-25% because we drive so much traffic to targeted landing pages. (We have over 75!) Each landing page is targeted to the source of traffic going to it, so our landing page conversion rate is often over 50%. From my experience it is really hard to get a landing page to convert at over 60%.

Webinar: How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

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