SXSW Interviews Part Two: Useful Tips from Internet Rock Stars

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Below is part two of my SXSW Interactive Conference interview series. The following four people give some great advice on how to use inbound marketing effectively, get the best out of SEO and fully utilize a company blog.

Tim Street , APE Digital : "Stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking like a friend."

Tim will be speaking at the April 28-29 Inbound Marketing Summit in San Francisco . You can follow him as @1timstreet .


Tony Adam , Yahoo : "Creating search-friendly content is one of the most basic things startups should do from the get-go."

You can follow Tony as @tonyadam .


Joel Granoff , Be Greeted : "Inbound marketing is all about how a company engages with the invited visitors to its website."

You can follow Joel as @begreeted .


Phil Glockner , ReadWriteWeb : "Community managers should be the voice of those people interested in a company's product."

You can follow Phil as @eng1ne .

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