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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode 32 - March 20, 2008
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  • From Certified Business Moms in their 5 star iTunes review: " It is now a requirement for everyone at Certified Business Moms to watch the weekly HubSpot TV Show.  This is the one and only useful resource we have found about online marketing to date.  It would be a waste fo your company's time not to watch this weekly podcast! "


SEO for Flash?

  • Adobe Introduces Flash Info Site for SEO’s
  • Adobe is working with the search engines to make flash more SEO friendly.
  • Recently launched the Search Engine Optimization Technology Center.
  • Marketing Takeaway: This does not mean you should run should run out and build your new site in flash! The fact they need a website to explain the issue is a bad omen. 

Alienating customers with email

  • Many e-mail campaigns alienate customers
  • 31% of e-commerce companies added customers to their e-mail list without asking them first.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Treat others' inboxes as you would like yours to be treated.

Facebook goes Public

Facebook Beats Google in Steering Niche Traffic

  • Facebook beats Google in steering niche traffic
  • (celebrity blog) garnered 8.85% of its visitors from Face­book and 7.29% of the traffic from Google, according to Hitwise.
  • For HubSpot, if you add up all the free traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it is about 50% of the traffic volume from Google organic search.
  • Due to news content vs. evergreen content?
  • Marketing Takeaway : Inbound marketing is more than SEO.  Publishing content through a blog and then promoting that content in social media is critical to success.

Marketing Tip of the Week - Set your Facebook profile to public!

Forum Fodder

  • Calvin Cox, Styleapple: " What is appropriate to Include In My LinkedIn Group Newsletter? Should I promote my business? Is there a protocol to effectively use my LinkedIn group newsletter to promote and grow my business but at the same time add value to the group?"
  • Establish yourself as the go to expert.
  • Cover the whole industry and make it relevant for your readers.


Webinar: How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

Want to learn more about using Facebook for business?

Download the free webinar for all the basics of using Facebook as part of the inbound marketing strategy for your business.

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