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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode 33 - March 27, 2009
(Episode Length: 19 minutes, 9 seconds)



  • @thatrobguy : "Many SEO experts believe that links from .edu domains are very influential.  Their value comes in part because they're tough to get--most educational institutions carefully manage the content that gets posted to their sites. However, there's one easy way to get a link on an edu site - alumni directories.  I set up profiles on my undergraduate and graduate school alumni directories and was able to put a link up to my company's awesome baby gifts, That Baby DVD and CD ."


NCAA Basketball and Marketing

Toys'R'Us Botches Acquisition of

Fortune 500 Flunks SEO Test

  • employs irony on homeless man's behalf
  • Raised $50,000!
  • YouTube Channel with lots of videos; Alcohol Rehab by Sunray and flight by Southwest Airlines
  • Marketing Takeaway : If a bum can use the internet to market then so can you!
  • Marketing Takeaway : Don't be afraid to help people... people are inherently good and charity is great brand awareness.

Social Media for Social Change (SM4SC)/ @sm4scny c : Combines online and offline initiatives to help deserving charities. EVENT: Friday April 3, Roger Smith Hotel in NYC. Buy tickets to support City Harvest .

Marketing Tip of The Week : Create some interesting, relevant content around the NCAA basketball tournament and leverage the 5.6 million unique viewers.

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