Groundbreaking New 'Personality Grader' Makes Marketing Less Manic

Dan Zarrella
Dan Zarrella



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Of course, up until now, some marketers have been painfully unaware of their personality's effect on their work.

Today, HubSpot is announcing a solution to that problem.

Personality Grader , the newest member of the Grader family of free marketing tools , gives data-hungry marketers a simple way to benchmark their online personality. We hope this will help people see where improvements can be made.

Next-Generation Personality Technology

Personality Grader builds on HubSpot's extensive expertise in social graphs, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Here's how it works: Personality Grader clusters, analyzes and measures the width and breadth of your online footprint across thousands of different social sites. The tool uses this data to calculate 4 variables that serve as input for a Personality Grade:

Frequency - This is a measure of your rate of content production and social interaction. We analyze the types of social actions you engage in to determine if they are accidental, regulated, regular or repeated.

Sentiment - Using computational linguistics we are able to analyze the tone of the content you produce for the Web. We trained our system on a corpus that represents the different structures of text available on the social web. We've also built some biometric functionality into this part of the algorithm to analyze the facial emotions present in the photos you've uploaded to sites like Facebook and Flickr.

Reach - This is a measurement of the size of your social network, in terms of both first and Nth-order strong and weak connections. The algorithm also takes into account the amount of influence you wield over the other users in your social graph, in terms of how often you cause them to take specific actions. Borrowing from the field of social psychology, we are able to determine how much prestige your node represents to your social group.

Intelligence - The intelligence metric uses a combination of several different methods. Using a modified application of the Stanford-Binet test, we estimate a traditional intelligence quotient score. Then we temper that number by analyzing the Flesch-Kincaid grade level of the content you're producing online.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to and see how you can improve your personality.

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