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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode #36 - April 17th, 2009
(Show Length: 20 minutes, 2 seconds)


Mail bag

Doing It Right!


@ Biz Visits HubSpot at Our #bizinboston Tweetup

  • HubSpot learns that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is in Boston
  • HubSpot plans a Tweetup at our office before HubSpot TV with hashtag #bizinboston to try to get @biz to come and meet some folks
  • B.Good (@ B_Good_ on Twitter) joins the fun and kindly offers free sliders for the event!
  • There was lots of conversation through the hashtag about whether companies should hold tweetups.
  • Question: Are "Tweetups" meant to be non-commercial events?  Can a company have a Tweetup? Sponsor a tweetup? Use Twitter?

Britain to Use SEO to Fight Terrorism

  • Report: Britain to Use Google Against Terrorists
  • British counter terrorism agencies will train pro-western Islamic websites to flood the Internet with "approved" content to dominate search rankings and push out the anti-western content.
  • Marketing Takeaway : Try to create more content than your competition.

Domino's: It's Snot Your Father's Pizza

Seth Godin Misses the Point of SEO

  • How to make money with SEO
  • Seth says... "(1) Try to own a big word like "plumber" or (2) Try to own an easy work "like "Meerman" and then make that famous." 
  • He is missing the real value! Do... (3) Create lots of content and leverage the long tail.
  • Marketing Takeaway : Create lots of interesting content, optimize it, promote it, and you'll get a lot of SEO traffic, even if Seth does not think so.

Marketing Tip of the Week

Don't obsess too much about negative feedback.  Gather it, consider it, respond appropriately, and then get back to making customers and prospects happy.  Dwelling on the past is a mistake.

Forum Fodder

  • HubSpot's Success Customer Forum
  • Jean Wunk from All Things Jeep : "I just discovered that my blog is basically feeding the blog of other sites. Everyone these days seems to be putting up blogs, monetizing them with Google AdSense, and then just using RSS feeds to "stream" other blogs onto their pages....Any way to prevent this, is it a good thing since the links they have on their pages are often to my site. Should I add "Written by xxx at" at the bottom of each blog post, and then just let it go, etc. "

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