Three Tips for Sales Teams Adjusting to a World Without Cold Calling

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Inbound marketing can bring enormous improvements to your marketing team -- but what about sales? What kind of impact do those inbound leads have when they're passed along to the sales team?

Turns out they have a huge impact. With inbound leads coming in at the top of the funnel, sales reps don't have to cold call -- and they can spend a lot more time helping address prospects' specific needs. 

Mark Roberge, VP of Sales here at HubSpot, understands this new inbound sales process better than anybody I know. In the video below, Mark offers three tips for sales reps, managers and executives trying to build an inbound sales process. (Don't mind the chatter in the background. The team is busy talking with prospects.)


1) Tips for the Sales Representative: When calling, you don't need to aggressively give your value proposition. These leads should already be engaged with your company and know who you are, because they found you. You should focus on finding their pain points, and suggesting ways your company can help.

2) Tip for the Sales Manager: Don't measure a rep's dials and opportunities. Instead, measure the yield on each lead. Also, encourage reps to take a bit of time researching each individual lead so they have a more valuable conversation.

3) Tip for the Sales Executive: In an inbound sales environment, you're going to get thousands of leads. A large portion of those leads will not be a fit for your product or service. Don't feel the need to change your product to fit all your leads. Focus on the leads that are right for your business, and think about expanding your business later. 

Do you think Mark's tips were helpful? How easy would it be to adopt some of these strategies into your sales environment?

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