Episode #37 - April 24, 2009
(Episode Length: 22 minutes, 17 seconds)


Doing It Right

  • Matt Webster (@ MatthewWebster ) from Drink a Better Brew :Teaching people about beer and how to pair it with food. 
  • What are some of the craziest pairings you have done?
  • What is your favorite beer right now?
  • What exciting inbound marketing campaigns are you working on right now?

Mail Bag

  • @ JayDuchin : Did you know you can customize your Blip.tv player so it doesn't say "blip.tv" in the lower right corner? U can make it say/link HubSpot?


Google Starts Featuring Profiles in Search

19% of Leads from Publishers Suck

  • Study: More than 19% of leads are rejected as faulty
  • Many leads provided by publishers are not any good because of bad info.
  • Inbound leads typically have better quality, but no lead source is 100% perfect.
  • Marketing Takeaway : If you are buying leads, verify the quality!

People Respond to Content Over Advertising

  • Brand Mentions Preferred over Ads
  • Study shows that people are more likely to take action based on information in content than information contained in advertising. 
  • Marketing Takeaway : Move your advertising spending into content production.

The Governing of Facebook

FTC Regulations on Product Testimonials

Marketing Tip of the Week: Inbound marketing applies to ANY business, not just techy ones!

Forum Fodder

  • Rachel at www.InTheSceneLimousine.com
  • I have a Facebook Group and a Facebook Fan page and my followers are split between the two. Should I just have one to get the most of out the community? If so which one? 


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