Episode #40 - May 15th, 2009
(Episode length: 31 minutes, 36 seconds)


HubSpot TV Guest: Chris Brogan


The Evolution of Google

Paid Search Traffic Down 26%

  • Paid Search Traffic Down Sharply
  • "Share of search traffic to websites generated from paid listings has dropped to about 7.25 percent over the last four weeks, down from 9.8 percent during the same period a year ago."Marketing cutbacks? Or are larger companies learning the value of organic search results?
  • Marketing cutbacks? Or are larger companies learning the value of organic search results?
  • Marketing Takeaway : Industry trends are interesting, but whats most important is your trends and your data.

CMO Council: Recession prompts more online brand attacks

  • Tighter economic times are increasing attacks on brands online through "gray market knockoffs, phishing attacks, cyber squatting, e-mail scams, trademark abuse, and copyright and patent infringements"
  • Marketing Takeaway : Monitoring your brand online is a must. Use free tools such at Google alerts, Twitter search, Backtype (for blog comments) and keep and eye on them on a regular basis. HubSpot Software also automatically helps you monitor your brand and send you alerts.

FTC to announce lawsuits in car warranty robocalls

  • Computerized calls to cell phones and land lines (even those listed on the do not call registry) pitch extended auto warranties
  • FTC is taking legal action and has filed suit again the telemarketing company and the promoter of the warranties
  • Marketing Takeaway: If you are an aggressive outbound marketer, be careful about what tactics you use because you may get in trouble!

Twitter Surpasses New York Times and Wall Street Journal

  • Marketing Takeaway 1 : Make sure to grab your brand on Twitter even if you aren't ready to use it.
  • Marketing Takeaway 2: Maybe it's more about quality then quantity and this is more a fad than anything else. In any case, see marketing takeaway 1.

Marketing Tip of the Week - Read Chris Brogan's blog and check out the Inbound Marketing Summit!


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