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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode #42 - May 29nd, 2009
(Episode Length: 26 minutes, 24 seconds)



Microsoft Announces New Search Engine -

Billboards Become Conversational

  • CBS Outdoor merges text with billboards
  • Using text messaging all CBS Outdoor billboards can allow people to send a text message with a keyword to get more info
  • Does this encourage texting while you drive?
  • Marketing Takeaway : You can even try to make traditional advertising more interactive and measurable.

Google Does the Wave.  What is it?

The Future of Search Marketing

  • Did Google Change SEO Yesterday?
  • Where is search going?  What are microformats and the semantic web?
  • Marketing Takeaway : Make sure you are publishing content in a semantic/microformat-compatible way.  Blogs and websites built on CSS are a good start.

Forum Fodder

  • Brandon Mulnix from Modern Photographics asks "What are the steps to optimize images for Google image search?"
  • File name, ALT tags on images

Marketing Tip of the Week : Brush up on your SEO by checking out SEOmoz and registering for Inbound Marketing University .


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