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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode #43 - June 5, 2009
(Episode Length: 24 minutes, 26 seconds)


**Note: Karen says June 3rd. We swear it was Friday, June 5th!

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Doing it Right


Time Spent on Social Networks Doubles in a Year

  • Time spent on Facebook: "1.7 billion minutes last year compared to this year's total of 13.9 billion"
  • "Twitter saw a 3712 percent year-over-year increase between last and this year, with users clocking in nearly 300,000 total minutes for that site in April '09."
  • Time spent on social networking and blogging sites has grown at 3 times the rate of overall Internet growth."
  • Marketing Takeaway : People are spending a lot more time on social media in their day to day life. As a small or medium business, you can't afford not to be there!

Small Businesses Getting it on With Social Media

  • Social Media and Small Business Getting Acquainted Slowly
  • "260,000 small businesses across the US and Canada are employing social media tactics in their business to one degree or another"
  • "Assuming 25,000,000 small businesses in the US and 2.5 million in Canada, that means that just under 1% of these business are using social media."
  • Marketing Takeaway : See marketing takeaway from Headline 1!
  • Marketing Takeaway 2 : Lots of opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

GM Goes Bankrupt, Launches Website

  • Attention GM: Here are the top 5 marketing ideas for your reinvention
  • Good things about the new website: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, videos
  • Bad things about the new website: it is a microsite, not their main website
  • Marketing improvements from @dmscott
    • Fire your Madison avenue advertising agency
    • Build better products people want
    • Be more human and personal
  • Marketing Takeaway : Over dependence on outbound marketing is dangerous because it is becoming more expensive and difficult. 

A New Future for No-Follow Links?

Forum Fodder


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