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Top Inbound Marketing News Stories From the Past Week

The things I learn from news often top the lessons in textbooks. They are not only informational and practical but also a good conversation starter.

It comes as no surprise then that user-voted news from newly launched InboundMarketing.com offers insight into industry-specific trends, discussions and observations. Here are our top 5 news stories from past week and the lessons we saw in them:
Inbound Marketing News

1. Enlightened Stupid Marketer
Lesson: Get Fun & Creative With Video
This entertaining 3-minute video by marketer Kevin Nalts provides some insight into online-video marketing. Nalts demonstrates how marketers can optimize their YouTube channels by creating funny and creative viral videos. Even by mocking oneself one can produce valuable content, offer transparency and show personality.

2. Is Blogging Replacing the Resume?
Lesson: Blog to Show Expertise
Sales consultant Debbie Boucher argues that a blog can compliment one's resume and increase one's chance of getting hired. By blogging, job applicants give insight into their expertise and experience. In addition, they have the opportunity to show their real faces in terms of unique writing styles, work approaches and, naturally, their personalities.

3. Online Marketing for Lawyers & Attorneys
Lesson: Share Knowledge
Like other businesses, legal practices should also aim at expanding their online presence. This goal can be achieved through small website improvements like editing Meta data and getting rid of Flash because it goes undetected by search engines. You can also enhance your Web presence through local search campaigning and blogging legal-related content. The last, and maybe most important, advice for lawyers and attorneys is to use their website to establish themselves as experts in their fields.

4. Blogrank (Top 50 SEO Blogs) - Imaginative Viral Marketing
Lesson: Monitor SEO Factors
BlogRank released its top 100 blogs in the SEO category. The ranking was performed based on 20 different factors including RSS membership, incoming links, number of monthly visitors, Compete , Alexa and Technorati rankings, and social-site popularity. In such rankings, factors are not all given equal weight because some play a greater SEO role than others. BlogRank's top 5 blogs included Search Engine Land , the SEOmoz Blog , Search Engine Watch , Search Engine Journal and the HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog .

5. Which Is More Effective for You: Twitter or Facebook?
Lesson: Tweet for Clicks, Facebook for Answers
Blogger Joe Loong used anecdotal observation to investigate the effectiveness of Twitter VS. Facebook in receiving answers to questions. His experience led him to the conclusion that Twitter works for getting clicks while Facebook is better for getting real responses. Loong suggests that each of the two networking tools nurtures a different audience.

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