Episode #44 - June 12th, 2009
(Episode Length: 32 minutes, 36 second)



  • Ken Lauher of Contextweb asks, "How do you measure the effectiveness of public speaking engagements?  How do you measure an ROI?"

Doing It Right


Vacant Homes in Twitterville

Facebook Goes In-Vain

  • Facebook (finally!) allows simple "vanity" URLs for profiles and pages (not groups)
  • Names based on your page or personal name, no "generic" words allowed
  • No cheating - business page must be from before May 31 and have 1,000+ fans
  • Announcement: Coming Soon: Facebook Usernames
  • FAQ: Facebook Usernames Coming Soon for Pages
  • Marketing Takeaway : Tonight at midnight, get your Facebook vanity URL!

Battle of the Search Engine Marketing

Authenticity vs. Authority

  • Authenticity vs. Authority
  • Seth Godin: "If it's a word game, then authority wins, because authority is about the perception of the consumer. If they believe you an authority, you are. In the long run, of course, authenticity will trump it, because your authority fades without it. The converse is not true. And yes, it's a word game."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Authenticity with gain you authority, which is what you need to worry about as a marketer.

Special Guest: Jeff Taylor, Monster.com & Eons.com

  • Founder, CEO and Chief Monster of Monster.com
  • Now at Eons.com , a social network for baby boomers
  • DJ on the side!

Forum Fodder

  • A quick question; if I embed a video from youtube on our website; do the website video views get counted towards the youtube page total views?
  • (To ask a question that you'd like to appear in Forum Fodder, visit www.inboundmarketing.com/forum )

Marketing Tip of the Week : Get your darn Facebook URL tonight at midnight!


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