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June 17, 2009

5 Types of Blog Content That Encourage People to Link Back to You

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we will write you Content is king, and the best way to get people to link back to your website is to produce *remarkable* content. But what type of content is remarkable? In other words, what type of content naturally encourages others to link back?

Here is a list of five types of content that anyone can produce to help you build links into your blog.

1) Publish informational graphs or images. This is especially effective when they are your own creations. Do analysis on data or trends. People will credit you as the source, and link back to your site where the graphs are located! 

2) Include lists in your blog articles. Like this one! Lists are very digestable and helpful. Often people will want to refer back, or react to your list, linking back to you as the author.

3) Make videos or screencasts. One of the most successful recent articles on this blog was Mike Volpe's post, 4 Minutes to Optimize a LinkedIn Profile for SEO . It included a webcast that showed you a view of his screen so you knew exactly what he was doing. People love videos they can embed on their own site, and then credit you with a link.

4) Compile a collection of resources and links on a subject. You can do this by searching Google, finding resources that you like and publishing a comprehensive list. People will love that you did the hard work for them!

5) Publish something creative. A music video , perhaps? By being original, entertaining and enjoyable, people everywhere will love to blog about your content. By giving them something fantastic to link to, you're actually helping them provide value to their own readers!

Do you agree? Not agree? What other types of content can you not help but link back to? 

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