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Rebecca Corliss
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Episode #45 - June 19th, 2009
(Episode Length: 23 minutes, 29 seconds)


  • How to interact on Twitter - @mvolpe @karenrubin
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  • - new site where you can post questions, learn about inbound marketing, meet others, find and post jobs or sign up inbound
Mail Bag

Doing it Right


Search Advertising Companies Have 50% Churn

  • "Roughly half of businesses that buy search ads directly from Google and other Internet search companies don't come back the following year..."
  • The Bottom Line Of Local Search
  • Marketing Takeaway - Advertising is expensive, and has little leverage.

Search is Getting Jiggy With It

  • Everyone is talking about search these days, does it matter?
  • - Microsoft's newest search engine
  • - The Answer Engine
  • - A computational engine
  • Marketing Takeaway - There is some movement going on in search. Don't worry about it. Google has ~70% market share, that's all you need to know.

Iran and Social Media

Facebook Edges out MySpace

Where in the World is Mike Volpe?

Forum Fodder
  • Thad Peterson  - I'm trying to work through whether it's best to try to keep your private and professional personas seperate when using social media. Anybody else grappling with this? What conclusions have you come to?

Marketing Tip of the Week

Follow in the footsteps of Charlie King and become your own media mogul.


Webinar: Blogging for Business

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