Episode 46 - June 26th, 2009
(Episode Length: 18 minutes, 54 seconds)


Interview with Dave Balter , BzzAgent

Word-of-mouth marketing

The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II

  • To launch the book Dave supplied 20 influential bloggers (Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan) with a free, advance digital copy that they then got to distribute to their readers. Only a few thousand hard copies of the book were printed and priced at $45 on Amazon. (Each premium priced book on Amazon was autographed and came with an original piece of artwork from BzzAgent's artist-in-residence, Seth B. Minkin.
  • Give away 10 copies using hashtg #monkey.
  • Launched a little over a month ago, BzzScapes is a free-to-build network of brand communities dedicated to the collection and discussion of a brand's content.

Doing It Right


How To Fix a Broken Advertising Industry

  • Forbes article by David Balter
  • "The marketing supply chain isn't rusted, it's busted--and we all must do our part to put it back together again."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Don't be afraid to try new things. Try to work our performance based incentives with the agencies you work with.

LinkedIn to Launch Pay for Whitepaper Downloads

  • "There will be a form to collect info. from those that download"
  • "Looks like costs will range from $40 - $100 per lead"
  • "LinkedIn users will not have to pay for whitepapers"
  • "Whitepaper ads will can be targeted by title and industry"
  • Beta Feature!
  • Marketing Takeaway : Another approach to try, but if you have built out a Linked In group you can send them your whitepapers for FREE!

Executives Using the Web

  • The Rise of the Digital C-suite
  • Forbes Insights
  • 28% of c-level execs under 50 "network professionally in an online community" daily (only 6% over 50) 
  • The Internet was by far the most trusted and most used source of information for execs under 50 
  • 53% prefer to find the information online by themselves 
  • 24% of c-suite execs say video is their preferred format for information 
  • 23% of c-level execs under 50 watch work-related videos on YouTube daily 
  • More than half of executives under 40 say they use Twitter daily or several times a week 
  • More than half of executives under 40 say they maintain a work related blog daily or several times a week 
  • 72% of execs under 40 read business and news content through an RSS feed
  • "...prepare for profound organizational evolution as Generation Wang begins to retire, Generation PC takes control, and Generation Netscape starts to move in."
  • CEOs Are Social Media Slackers: Study
  • Marketing Takeaway : Inbound Marketing is appropriate for reaching the most Sr. people at an organization and this will only increase with time.

Marketing Tip of the Week
Download the Word of Mouth Manual !


Inbound Marketing Kit

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