Video: Increase Your Marketing Performance and Size of Your Lead Flow

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Are you insecure about your marketing performance?

Are you afraid your marketing pipeline might be undersized? 

You're not alone! Here's the story of how one marketer learned how to get his leads up. 

(This video may not be appropriate for viewers under the age of 18.)


Manager: I was looking for a better performance from our marketing. - [You're doing it again!]

Marketer: [Oh come on!] - The size and quality of my lead flow just wasn't satisfying her sales demand.

Manager: You're doing it again!

Marketer: I finally came to understand this is happening to a lot of marketers, and maybe I did need a lot of help.

Manager: Now ... that he's using HubSpot, we've all the leads we need to keep our sales team and me very happy.

Marketer: And let's be honest. The extra sales aren't bad either.

Voice: If you experience unmanageable lead flow, please contact your inbound marketing representative.

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Learn How to Increase The Size of Your Lead Flow

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