Seth Godin: What Does Your Company Want For Its Birthday?

Dharmesh Shah
Dharmesh Shah



I just got back from a long drive, after a long weekend with my parents (who are visiting from India).  Geek that I am, as soon as I got home, I started checking email and getting caught up on my reading.  That’s when I came across a thought-provoking recent article from Seth Godin:  What Should I Do On Your Birthday ?  (Yes, I’m a big Seth Godin fan.  His stuff makes me think ). 

This article had a particular resonance for me because my startup, HubSpot (the company behind this blog) celebrated its third birthday recently.  Hard to believe it’s already been three years — they grow up so quickly!

In any case, in Seth’s article, he writes:  “With all due respect to Hallmark, the idea of sending people cards and presents on their birthday seems both selfish and small-minded. It seems to me that we could think bigger. On the birthday of your company or brand, what would you like your customers to do?”

Here’s my request:  For HubSpot’s birthday, what we’d love from you, more than anything else , is the following:

HubSpot Birthday Wish

Spend a day without pushing your product or service.  Instead, spend that time saying something useful and interesting .  Write a blog article.  Tweet an insight.  Produce a video.  Anything.  Just  make your market smarter .

That’s all we at HubSpot wish for our birthday.  Really it is.  Wish granted?  Thanks!

If you do end up granting the HubSpot birthday wish, tweet it with #hubspotwish (or link to this article) and I’ll come check it out.

What’s your wish for your company or brand?

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