Behold our newest music video about rapping marketer, Sir Convert-A-Lot and his obsession with lead conversion and inbound marketing . Original lyrics sung to Sir Mix-A-Lot 's "Baby Got Back."

Who knew marketing could be so fly?

"Baby Got Leads"
By HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss 

Oh my god, Karen, look at his leads
They are sooo hot... Ugh.
He looks like one of those inbound marketers
Those leads... they wanna buy... like right now.
They're just so... ORGANIC!

I like hot leads and I cannot lie
You marketers can't deny
When a lead converts on a target landing page
Cause my offer's all the rage
I get sprung
Write a blog post next
Cause you know that text gets indexed
Make content they can't stop sharing
My podcasts the music's blaring
Oh baby I wanna convertcha
It's fine. Won't hutcha
Organic Google searchers
Makes those leads you got
"Me-Me so nurtured"

Form-filled out break through
You say you wanna get in my queue?
Cold Calling? Appalling
Cause you know my leads come crawling

Come to my website
You found me? Yeah that's right
Call-to-action is all they need

I'm tired of marketing teams
Who say outbound is their thang
Take the average rep and ask them that
Inbound's where it's at
So Sales Teams (Yeah)
Sales Teams (Yeah)
Are your leads all gonna close?
(Hell yeah!)
So turn around. Follow up.
Even prospects got to shout.
Baby got leads.



Direction, Lyrics and Video Editing: Rebecca Corliss (@ repcor )
Music Mixing: Dan Abdinoor (@ abdinoor )

Sir Convert-A-Lot: Vas Leckas (@ vleckas )
Lead Bro: Brian Cantwell (@ cantwell )
Lead Lady #1: Karen Rubin (@ karenrubin )
Lead Lady #2: Rebecca Corliss
Ensemble: The @ HubSpot Team


Creative Commons License "Baby Got Leads" by HubSpot is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License .

Originally published Jul 14, 2009 6:13:00 AM, updated October 20 2016