Episode #49 - July 17th, 2009

Episode Length: 23 minutes, 38 seconds



Doing It Right!


Should Google Be Regulated?

  • The Time Has Come To Regulate Search Engine Marketing And SEO
  • "...well known executive at one of the largest sites on the Internet. The author has requested to remain anonymous..."
  • "Imagine, if you will, that the entire Internet is contained within a single continent. That continent is filled with countries, states and cities. Each jurisdiction is autonomous, relying on visitors to cross on to their turf to engage in commerce. Now, imagine if the only way to get into this continent involved just two methods: SEO and SEM. Let's further imagine that the borders to this continent were controlled by a single company....The only real solution is disclosure. Transparency. Those traffic generators that use rule-based algorithms to determine result sets must publicly disclose their methodologies. That is the means by which all businesses can compete freely in the organic and paid search marketplaces."
  • Should Google Be Regulated
  • Marketing Takeaway: Google is not regulated, brush up on your SEO and deal with it*.*

Best Buy Values 250 Followers

The Social Influence Marketing Report

  • How many Twitter followers does it take to get a job?
  • "six out of 10 consumers don't bother to seek out opinions of brands via social media"
  • "Consumers view TV ads as more trustworthy than ads on social networks."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Outbound marketing is not totally ineffective.  In 1900 horses were still the main mode of transportation, but I wouldn't want to rely on them for my business for too long.

Is Social Media Easy, Free and Cheap?

  • Debunking Social Media Myths
  • "a fundamental truth to social media that many organizations underestimate--being social means having real live people who actively participate in your initiatives."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Encourage everyone at your company to get involved in social media on behalf of the company and reduce the need to build a social media army.

Should You Spend Your Time on Link Exchanges?

  • Link exchanges: The poor man's SEO
  • "Large Internet companies spend millions on consultants and technology trying to get their sites to rank among the highest results on Google. Everyone else has to rely on the poor man's search-engine optimization: the link exchange."
  • "Google's official advice: "The best way to get other sites to create relevant links to yours is to create unique, relevant content that can quickly gain popularity in the Internet community.""
  • Marketing Takeaway: Spend your limited time creating and promoting great content and the links will come!

Forum Fodder

  • Inbound Marketing.Com Forums: Need Help in Keywords
  • Fran: "I'm in desperate need of help to find keywords for my business. I sell attachments to go on to liquor bottles."
  • Pete: "I'd recommend that you step back from trying to find keywords for the product you sell, and ask yourself, "What content will attract my buyer?"If your buyer is a bar manager, than you need to create content that will attract that type of person. for example, you might write an article, "10 Ways to Save Money Running your Bar" or "Most Common Local Bar Startup Mistakes"."
  • Anthony: "You definitely need to figure out who your buyer and demographic is before proceeding and what type of valuable content you will need to attract, inform and convert them."
  • Wordtrackr, Google Keyword Tool, SemRush.com, HubSpot Trial, SEOMoz, Microsoft AdCenter

Marketing Tip of the Week

  • Buy a video camera and give it to the craziest employees you have and see what they come up with.


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