Bernie Borges Cuts Through the Marketing 2.0 Kool-Aid

Pete Caputa
Pete Caputa



marketing 2.0 I've been working with Bernie Borges for a little more than a year now. He runs an inbound marketing agency, Find and Convert , which is a HubSpot partner .

There are only a few people I know with the committment level required to write a book. And the skills and experience to pull it off. Bernie just made the list!

Marketing 2.0 = Inbound Marketing = Social Media Marketing = New Marketing = Content Marketing

My weekly interaction with Bernie is in the trenches. Over the last year, we've worked together to introduce the concepts of inbound marketing to a bunch of companies, large and small. As a partner, Bernie is an expert at implementing the HubSpot software in order to execute an inbound marketing strategy for his clients. It is from my experience with him in the trenches, that I know he knows his stuff.

His book demonstrates his expertise to the world!

While the title "Marketing 2.0" could mean a lot of things, the subtitle of the book says it all, "Bridging the Gap Between Seller and Buyer Through Social Media Marketing." Bernie talks about the gap between sellers who try to market to buyers using outdated, outbound marketing tactics and buyers who are increasingly using information found on the web and their trusted networks to find the right solutions for their needs. Bernie recommends that marketers embrace two important activities in order to meet buyers on their turf: 

    • Create compelling, remarkable content that educates, enlightens and entertains.
    • Engage in online conversations in order to develop relationships. 

While most online marketers are competing to coin the latest marketing techniques as their own with terms like: content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing and new marketing, Bernie's two points above summarize the common threads across all of these new marketing movements: create content and engage in conversations.

A Practical Step-By-Step How-To Guide to Online Marketing

Bernie's front-line experience implementing these strategies for his clients makes "Marketing 2.0" a very practical how-to guide for beginners and intermediates, and a really good refresher for any of us that have been drinking too much of the social media kool aid on Twitter's playground with the Facebook cool kids.  Here's a quick synopsis of my favorite practical parts: 

  • Marketing 2.0 is a really big shift for most marketers, small biz owners and CEOs. It's really hard. By addressing this "transition difficulty", he helps traditional marketers create their company's future.
  • The book is thick with real case studies. Marketing 2.0 provides many examples of small- and medium-sized businesses using inbound marketing strategies to engage buyers through content and relationship-building. There's a really cool story about Epic Change, a charity that uses Twitter and blogging to raise funds to build schools for children in Tanzania. Other case studies include an attorney, a realtor, a manufacturer and a steakhouse. In greater depth than has ever been covered, and from the vantage point of a partner, Bernie also covered how HubSpot has leveraged inbound marketing to rapidly build our own business.
  • Bernie's book is a ridiculously detailed step-by-step how-to-guide on how to get going with blogging, social networking, personal branding, podcasting, video sharing and online lead generation. 

Get a Copy of the Book for Free.

You would be much better served by ordering 10 copies of ' Marketing 2.0 Bridging the Gap Between Buyer and Seller Through Social Media Marketing ' via Amazon . Then, distributing these to your co-workers. However, Bernie knows that a good inbound marketing strategy (even for a book) is to give away great content. This special offer for HubSpot readers won't stay up for forever. But for a limited time, you can download the entire book in pdf format for free . This PDF is the full book , not an excerpt.

Not so coincidentally, the foreword of the book was written by HubSpot's VP of Marketing, Mike Volpe . Bernie will be a guest on HubSpot TV with Mike Volpe and Karen Rubin on August 14th to officially launch his book on the internet airwaves. Stop by with your book and get it autographed. 

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