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September 13, 2009

HubSpot TV - Social Media Royalty with Guest Leah Busque

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Episode #57 - September 11th, 2009

(Episode Length: 27 minutes, 44 seconds)


Guest: Leah Busque of RUNmyErrand

Doing It Right

  • www.KenLauher.com
  • Blogs almost every day of the week
  • Quadrupled his traffic almost two times over since December
  • Was just invited to be the resident Feng Shui Expert on E! Entertainments new "That Morning Show"


US Ad Spending Declined 15%

  • CHART OF THE DAY: Breaking Down The Advertising Apocalypse
  • Data from Nielsen Report, looking at ad spending in the first half of 2009 as compared to the first half of 2008
  • Spending went up in TV ads by 1.5%
  • Spending only went down %1 online
  • Hardest hit industries in order were - B2B Magazines, Local Magazines, National Newspaper, National Magazine, Outdoor, Local Newspapers
  • Marketing Takeaway : More marketers are starting to think like publishers and socializers, and less like advertisers.  You should too!

Twitter Updates Terms of Service

@Facebook Replies to @Twitter

Your Changing Customer

  • CEOs: your changing customer
  • George Colony - CEO of Forrester shares some research on customers today
  • "The 2009 customer is unrecognizable from the 1999 customer."
  • "Americans spend 8 hours per week with old media (TV, newspapers) and 8 hours per week with new media (Internet)."
  • "25% of households have digital video recorders - devices like Tivo that let TV watchers record shows and fast forward over ads."
  • "Half of all Americans research products online before buying."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Make sure to stay on top of trends in how your customers are changing, and adapt to producing the type and format of content that they want to consume.

Honda's Car Crushing Week

Forum Fodder

  • Forum Question on www.InboundMarketing.com
  • Aaron: "Ive started blogging. Ive started tweeting. I have my facebook and linkedin profiles pointing in the right direction. Ive submitted my site to dmoz and a handful of industry directories. I have been contributing to several industry forums and communities, in addition to several seo forums (hubspot's included). I asked (pretty please) several other webmasters if they would be willing to link to me, whereas I write a nice article about them and return the favor from my blog.  I'm just curious if I am being as efficient as I could with my time and energy to make the most of things. Should I be going about this in a different way?"

Marketing Tip of The Week : Think about making product development more conversational, let your customers feel like they own the launch as much as you do.


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