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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode #59 - September 25th, 2009
(Episode Length: 21 minutes, 30 seconds


Justin Levy of New Marketing Labs

  • Inbound Marketing Summit : Boston! October 7-8 at Gillette Stadium.
  • Write a blog post about why you should win a free ticket!
  • Presentation at IMS: what's it about?


Brands in Public

  • Launching Brands in Public
  • "Squidoo has built several hundred pages, each one about a major brand...Each page collects tweets, blog posts, news stories, images, videos and comments about a brand."
  • $400 to develop the page on your brand
  • A Superior Internet Marketing Company
  • "Wow. I'd personally like to welcome Seth Godin to the world of brandjacking and hostage taking. I didn't know you had it in you."
  • Adjusting as we go
  • Made the pages opt in vs. opt out
  • Marketing Takeaway: Online reputation management is important, gets lots of good content about your brand in the SERPs before you have to pay someone like Seth to clean them up.

Facebook vs. Google?

  • Will Facebook kill Google?
  • "Facebook ads are actually more effective than Google Ads and do a better job of getting them in front of their target audiences."
  • Christine Caravo, founder of gift box company Carebox - "I found that I got much more bang for my buck with Facebook," she says. "I went though $100 on Google Adwords in a couple days and only got 34 clicks. I spent $60 on the same campaign on Facebook and got 300 clicks.
  • Facebook has tripled the number of advertisers using its platform over the past year.
  • Marketing Takeaway: Organic always beats paid, but test out different CPC platforms to find which (if any) work best for you.

The Looking Glass from Microsoft

  • Microsoft’s Looking Glass Will Let Marketers Peer Into A Real-Time Social Stream
  • "Microsoft is going to let marketers and advertisers dip their toes into the social stream...Looking Glass will aggregate feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and other social media sites and will also be able connect with CRMs, databases, service centers and more."
  • Marketing Takeaway: The conversation is happening weather you're listening or not, so you better start.

OneForty Twitter Applications on the Wall...

  • Twitter Gets an Unofficial App Store [INVITES]
  • "Laura Fitton (@ pistachio ), oneforty has created a marketplace that offers up more than 1300 tools and services, complete with user reviews, descriptions, screenshots, links to more in-depth features, and live Twitter comments going on around the web."
  • Marketing Takeaway: There are a ton of apps that can help you use and market more effectivley on Twitter so go check then out.

Forum Fodder

  • Prish: (from ) We're going to test this as a content delivery medium til the end of the year. While we're building a modest following, we want to develop success criteria to justify further spend....What makes for a successful video podcasting series?

Marketing Tip of the Week : Instead of just reacting to negative stories, get good conversations happening before you need them.


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