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We've written before about hiring marketing gurus according to D.A.R.C. (Digital Fluent, Analytical, Reach, Content Creators), but I think we need to go even deeper into how you can use this methology to hire specialists to your team.

While DARC is a great way to evaluate anyone who should be working in marketing today, most companies have a couple of people on their marketing staff that meet the basic DARC criteria but also specialize in something which makes them especially well equipped to take on certain roles. Here are three big personas and where they fit into the DARC methodology.

Evangelical Networkers

evangelical networker inbound marketing jobEvangelical Networkers are extremely outgoing; they have a natural ability to win friends and influence people. They light up a room when they hit a cocktail party, and they constantly help others build their own network. They nurture relationships like a farmer nurtures his crops -- more or less constantly. If you ask them who might be a good fit for a blog article, they mention not one but three or more people. They excel at Public Relations and may even thrive in a sales role. They use a smartphone more than any computer because they are rarely in one place, and sometimes are accused of going to too many events and mixing pleasure with business.

DARC Scoring: Digital (high), Analytical (low), Reach (extremely high), Content (average)

What to ask in an interview: How should we figure out who the influencers are in our market? How should we be approaching them? What do you think is the most important factor that drives 3rd party media coverage today? Do you have relationship with anyone that could help our company? What are you most proud of doing in the past year?

How to use them: Get them well trained in your product, content and mission, and then tell them one new thing each week you want them to promote, and set them free.

How to measure them: Track the number of articles and online mentions of your company, especially by the most influential people in your market.

Content Creators

content creator inbound marketing jobContent Creators are the bloggers, video makers, podcasters and producers of other creative content that power your inbound marketing content creation efforts. They are always thinking about how to publish something related to what they are doing or seeing, and they even blog in their spare time, because they find it fun. The Content Creators might have worked as a journalist of some type previously. They usually use a Mac because they think a PC can't edit video, and they like to play with new photo and video gear.

DARC Scoring: Digital (high), Analytical (average), Reach (average), Content (extremely high)

What to ask in an interview: What content do you create today? What types of content should companies use? How do you measure the success of your content? What should be the goal of content production at our company? Can you point me to examples of articles, images, and videos you have created? How much content do you create in a typical week? What is the content you are most proud of creating?

How to use them: Buy them a camera, video camera, and then set them free on your blog, YouTube and Flickr accounts, and everywhere else online. Make sure they know about anything important happening in the company, and stay in touch with your thought leaders.

How to measure them: Measure the visitors to your content, blog subscribers, and traffic, leads and sales driven by your content.

Optimization Gurus

optimization guru inbound marekting job

DARC Minimum Scoring: Digital (average), Analytical (extremely high), Reach (low), Content (average)

What to ask in an interview: How would you make our website homepage better? If you had 10,000 leads in Excel and knew which ones had closed into sales, how would you go about designing a lead score to accurately give sales the best leads out of the next 10,000? How have you measured your work at other jobs? If a website gets 10,000 visitors and 500 leads per quarter, and 100 of those leads are sales qualified, and sales closes 5 of them, what would you to improve the company? What are you most proud of doing in the past year?

How to use them: Unleash them on your homepage, landing pages and conversion forms, lead nurturing process, lead scoring algorithm, and paid media and PPC programs.

How to measure them: The great ones will measure themselves, and the metrics will be the percentage improvement in things you are doing today.


What marketing personas do you hire in your company?  Are these right?  Did I miss anything?  Does one of these personas apply to you?  Leave a commment and let's discuss!

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