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Episode #66 - November 13, 2009
(Episode Length: 23 minutes, 33 seconds)



Special Guest Mike McDerment: FreshBooks CEO and Co-Founder

  • So, What's FreshBooks?
  • What was your background before FreshBooks?
  • You basically reintented yourselves at one point. Why?
  • You guys guys have a somewhat contrarian view of SEO? 
  • You have a few people in the company with really weird titles.  For instance, you have a "Director of Better Business" and a "Chief Handshaker."  Why?
  • You guys have a free product. How important is a free product to building community and driving inbound marketing?


  • LinkedIn and Twitter Hookup
  • Two way integration - LinkedIn to Twitter, OR Twitter to LinkedIn
  • From Twitter, allows you send everything, OR to specify which Tweets, using hashtag #in - very cool feature, big win over Facebook
  • LinkedIn works with Twitter, and vice versa
  • Marketing Takeaway : Link in your Twitter and LinkedIn to make more of LinkedIn.
  • Searchers Getting Smarter at Searching
  • Average words per search has increased form about 2.85 to 3.05 in the past 2 years according to Comscore
  • And according to Yahoo search phrases increased from and average of from 1.2 words in 1998 to 3.3 words in 2006
  • Search Engines Getting Smarter…or is it the Searcher?
  • Marketing Takeaway : Create more content to leverage the growing long tail of search.

Forum Fodder

Marketing Tip of the Week : Think about creating a free product to build a community and lower your marketing costs.

Closing - Surprise Guest! (Oink Oink)

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