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November 25, 2009 // 11:30 AM

HubSpot TV - Retweet Treats with Guest Dan Zarrella

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NOTE FROM THE PRODUCERS: Special Thanksgiving Episode of the show TODAY (Wednesday, November 25) at 1:00pm EDT. Click here at 1:00pm ET today to watch the show live.

Episode #67 - November 20, 2009
(Episode Length: 27 minutes, 35 seconds)


New Guest! The Wonderful Dan Zarrella !

ReHashing ReTweeting

Blogger Takes Heat for Comment Moderation

  • Follow up: The vulgar comment & the school
  • Kurt Greenbaum of St. Louis Post-Dispatch's wrote an article about the strangest thing you've ever eaten.
  • Commenter left vulgar comments twice, Greenbaum realized from commenter's IP that it was from a local school. Contacted the school and sent over IP details.
  • Commenter was a teacher and resigned when confronted by Principal.
  • Marketing Takeaway #1 : There is no such thing as an anonymous comment.
  • Marketing Takeaway #2 : This social media thing is still new, think twice about your actions.

Digg Blending Advertising and Content

  • Digg CEO: Content as Advertising
  • "Instead of the standard billboard or whatever you read on the Internet, we're going to create ads - and we do create ads - that are literally content, so if you click on it you read an interesting story or article, and you put branding next to it. And we get literally get 100 times the click-through rate of what a typical ad would get, so that's good for advertisers."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Content performs better than sales promotion, and content can help build brands.

Forum Fodder

Marketing Tip of the Week: Your customers are there...your competitors are there ... why aren't you there? Buy The Social Media Marketing Book !


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