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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Episode #70 - December 10, 2009
(Episode Length: 28 minutes, 42 seconds)


Special Guest: Edward Boches of Mullen

Mail Bag


Seth Godin has Another Book Coming Out!

  • Get a review copy of my new book
  • Instead of sending to the "traditional influencers in media" he sent to the first 3,000 people to make a donation to the Acumen Fund.
  • What's the exchange rate on influencers to normal people with $30?
  • Is the first 3000 the right 3000?
  • Marketing Takeaway - Use new tools to find the new influencers. (Twitter Grader, Blog Grader, Facebook Grader etc.)

Social Media Certification - Great Idea, or a load of BS?

Google Follows Bing, Announces Real Time Search

  • What Google's Launch of Real-Time Streaming Search Means For Marketers
  • Is this not that cool, or is it just me?  It's not clear the changes are much more useful than just using Twitter Search.
  • The real key is audience/reach.  Google has massive reach.
  • Marketing Takeaway : You should have been listing to us for the past 2 years.  Now you're screwed!  You need a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to be successful - Get F, Convert, Analyze.  And Get Found includes blogging, search optimization, and social media promotion.

Forum Fodder

  • Mixing Personal and Company Name
  • Losama - "I get some slack from a few local social media gurus in Phoenix for tying our anchors names with our station. IE. CareyPena3TV. I'm ok with it because the tweets are purely personality driven and not corporate and if someone wants to search for 3TV then the rest of our reporters and anchors will show up, so I like the marketing piece. The local social media gurus think the perception is that they're corporate drones because of the company being mixed with the names. What are your thoughts?"

Marketing Tip of the Week - Don't be afraid to be creative. Try one thing that is OFF THE WALL!


Webinar: How to Sell Social Media to Your Boss

brogan webinar

Social media guru Chris Brogan explains how to demonstrate the value of social media marketing.

Download the free webinar to learn how to get your company started with social media.

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