HubSpot's Top Five Inbound Marketing Webinars of 2009

Rick Burnes
Rick Burnes



Fellow inbound marketing geeks, fasten your seat belts. We have some fresh data for you: The  top HubSpot inbound marketing webinars of the year.

Of the dozens of webinars we did at HubSpot this year, four of the top five covered social media .

For us, this is  further evidence that not only can social media be a powerful part of your marketing mix, but that more and more marketers and small business owners are devoting time to it, and figuring out how to make it useful to their businesses.

So, without further fanfare, here's the list:

(1)  The Science of Social Media   ( @danzarrella )
Topics covered:

  • The history of word of mouth marketing, from pre-web to online
  • Lessons from social psychology, memetics, and statistics to understand what motivates people to share information
  • Scientifically proven best practices for getting people to talk about your business online

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(2)  Social Media for Lead Generation   ( @rickburnes )
Topics covered:

  • How to incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy
  • How to attract more website visitors from social media sites
  • How to leverage a social media community to share and promote your content
  • How to convert social media visitors into leads and customers

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(3)  How to Use Social Media to Attract More Customers  ( @BrentLeary )

Topics Covered:

  • How to use social media to connect with customers online
  • Creating content to attract more customers to your business
  • Tools to help you manage and measure your social media efforts
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(4)  How to Use Social Media to Manage Your Company Brand Online  ( @rickburnes )
Topics covered:

  • How to incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy
  • How to track and monitor your brand in social media
  • Ways to attract more website visitors and leads from social media
  • How to measure and evaluate the ROI of your social media marketing efforts

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(5)  A CEO's Guide to Internet Marketing  (@ bhalligan )
Topics covered:

  • The changing nature of marketing and how to transform your business
  • How to hire a marketing team in this changing world
  • How a CEO should communicate to the company and board about what is going on in marketing
  • How a CEO should use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • How to measure and understand which of your marketing efforts are working

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