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Episode #71 - December 18, 2009
(Episode Length: 24 minutes, 41 seconds)


Special Guest: Andrew McAfee

Doing It Right

  • A GPS Experiment Busts Street Thieves
  • "What would happen if a furniture company left 24 designer chairs, many equipped with GPS tracking technology, on the streets of New York?"
  • "Blu Dot, a furniture maker based in Minneapolis, found out with its "Real Good Experiment," which it developed with branding firm Mono. The experiment was equal parts marketing campaign for the chairs, which retail for $129, and research into the recession-friendly phenomenon of "curb mining" — the practice of nabbing household items left on street corners."
  • "All told, Blu Dot believes the experiment generated nearly 60 million Web impressions, including blogs and Twitter posts. Unique visitors to its site tripled in the first few days of the experiment."
  • "There was some concern it wouldn't make an impression beyond "design hipsters," but Blu Dot found it was getting attention from the tech community, including Fast Company and a security blog."


Carnival Titanics Their Marketing

Twitter Encourages Contribution

Big Brands Playing Small

  • Pepsi turns ad focus online
  • "Pepsi's Super Bowl streak is over after a 23-year run. Ads for the drinks won't appear in next year's Super Bowl on CBS. Instead, the company plans to shift ad dollars to a new marketing effort that's mostly online."
  • "Shipper FedEx also said Thursday it will not advertise again in the Super Bowl due to costs, the same reason the company gave for sitting it out last time around."
  •  Big brands turn to small blog houses for big results
  • "Chris Heuer and his wife Kristy, run the Social Media Club. They wanted to find a way to save money on hotels in Paris. They found a house for rent, which cost something around 5,000 Euros, and they got several sponsors, largely PayPal, to pick up most of the costs for the house, which they branded "the Social Media Club House.""
  • "What did PayPal get? Mentions on our blogs and Twitter accounts, but a private dinner where they got to know us away from the hustle and bustle of their show floor exhibit."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Small is the new big. Richer relationships with fewer people trumps interruption advertising to millions.

Marketing Tip of the Week: Leverage Enterprise 2.0 thinking in your business.


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