B2C Marketers Have 100 More Friends Than B2B Marketers

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



Say it ain't so!

So, why do B2C marketers have 100 more friends than B2B marketers? It's just not fair.

Facebook Friends

Everyone knows it is lots of fun to work for those consumer brands with big marketing budgets .  After all, a well-known consumer company has both cache and well-understood traction with friends and family.  But, what about the savvy marketer that has other businesses to sell to? Yes, B2B can be less than thrilling when selling rubidium oscillators to telecommunications companies, or network time servers to IT managers of Fortune 2000 enterprises, or IEEE 1588 PTP Test Tools to industrial manufacturers.  Trust me, I know. 

It's a little disconcerting that in our analysis of 310 HubSpot customers, B2C marketers have 100 more Facebook friends - on average - than B2B marketers.  After all, at HubSpot, we're all B2B marketers and we like to think we're a very friendly bunch

What do you think about this data? Are you a B2B with lots of Facebook friends who wants to share the secrets to your success?

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