The Power of Long Tail Keywords: an Interview with HubSpot's Favorite 80's Hair Metal Guitarist

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



Andrew by Night

Almost everyone that works at HubSpot has an avocation that absorbs them off-hours.  Most are avid ping-pong enthusiasts, sci-fi addicts, or foodies.  Not many - if any - are into heavy metal, particularly 80s "hair bands".  Of course, we have one such individual.  He is our main man in the training area responsible for graduating successful inbound marketing specialists, consultants, customer success managers, engineers, and marketers.

Andrew Quinn: mild mannered sales trainer by day, scary 80's hair metal guitarist by night.

He had an interesting story to tell recently, and we thought our blog subscribers would like to learn more about a recent lead of his that turned into a sale.

Jean ne: (full disclosure: we sit next to each other on the 5th floor of One Broadway, Cambridge) , Andrew, I overheard you talking to someone yesterday about a gig for your band.  Can you tell me where the lead came from?  

Andr ew: Well, the long-tail keyword that helped to find my band, Wildside, was "80's cover band in Boston area".  And, because I optimized my Wild Side band website : for that key search term and 421 others by using Keyword Grader, my band was found by the Boston Beer Company , fine brewers of Sam Adams ale, lager, and beer.  They want us to play at their 25th anniversary party at Lansdowne Pub in Boston on January 20th.

Jeanne: What did you do to make your site special?

Andrew: I have form and a call to action on every page, so that I can convert site visitors into leads for paying gigs.  I keep my show schedule up-to-date and I post YouTube videos from recent performances. 

Jeanne: How do you come up with relevant content for your site?

Andrew: I looked for a market segment that there wasn't much competition in, and since 80s music is tough to play, I thought there was an opportunity for my band.  It's really worked out for us.  And, we were able to have fun with the site. 

Jeanne: If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking of starting to work on their web presence, what would it be?

Andrew: I thought about the words and phrases that made sense to my prospect, and in the geography that I was willing to travel and play in.  We are a niche band, and we want to stay in Eastern Massachusetts, getting the best gigs possible, here. 

Jeanne:  Any final thoughts?

Andrew: Doors open at 8 PM.  Tease your hair and bring a friend!

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