Five Video Projects You Can Do in 25 Minutes or Less

Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



Many folks shy away from creating video because they think it takes too darn long. Here's a secret: Online video content should be short . Your recording and production time can be a sprint, not a marathon.

Here's five quick video projects you can do no sweat: 

1) Record a quick interview. Think up 3 questions for your CEO, an executive, a customer, or any rockstar employee from your company. Get their answers free-form on camera. Throw it into an easy video editing programs like iMovie (Mac) or Pinnacle (PC) and upload to Youtube. You're done!

Example: Interview with Mark Roberge, HubSpot Sales Manager

2) Record a "live" music video. A current, popular internet meme are "lip syncing" videos, where folks will mouth along the words to a popular song . This content may be less business related, but it could something to showcase your coworkers' personality and have a little fun! Don't want to lip sync? Just dance .

Tip: Overlay the song track in post production for higher quality audio; however, YouTube may request to make a pop up ad in your video to sell the song--to avoid copyright issues.

Example: Digg Dubb: Groove Is In The Heart

3) Give a video tour of your office. Lots of cool cameras like the Flip Cam and Kodak Zi8 are hand-held and record high quality video at the same time. Have an enthusiastic employee show the outside world where you work. People love getting an inside view!

Example: Bernie Borges Gets Tour of HubSpot by Rebecca Corliss

4) Record your favorite speaker at a conference. Don't forget your camera the next time you go to a conference or networking event! Getting a few short clips of various talks is a great way to share what you're learning with others. Note: Make sure recording of speakers is allowed before recording and publishing.

Example: Chris Penn on Inbound Marketing and Passion

5) Make a how-to screencast. Tools like Camtasia let you record your screen and voice at the same time. Use it to make a visual step-by-step. Perhaps you can record how you use Gmail or Twitter. Maybe visually show a new user how to make a Facebook Group.  

Example: Optimize LinkedIn Profile for SEO Screencast

What other quick video projects have you done?


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