Brian Halligan's 2010 Marketing Wish List

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My 2010 Marketing Wish List:

1.  The word "campaign" goes away.  My blood curdles every time I hear someone talk about doing a "social media campaign" or "blog campaign."  Blogs and social media behave like compound interest, so if you treat them like "campaigns," you lose all the benefits.  Marketers should be permanently creating, optimizing, promoting, converting, & analyzing.

2.  The phrase "marketing automation" goes away until 2012.  99.9% of companies need "marketing transformation" -- the last thing they should be doing is "automating" the old rules of marketing into their business and ossifying themselves.

3.  The concept of a website should get turned on its head.  Companies spend 90% of their "internet" time worrying about what is happening on their website (their domain) when they should be spending 10% of their time there and 90% of their time out where the customers are -- blogs, other websites, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.  Your domain should turn into a glorified landing page.

4.  The PR industry transforms itself.  [Yes, I know some percentage of PR firms have already transformed.  If you are one of the enlightened, I wish you a breakout 2010!]

5.  Google's growth flattens as Adwords "efficiency" model finally gets "efficient."  Bing emerges as a viable competitor to Google.  I love Google, but I don't think it is "healthy" for one company to dominate an industry like they are doing.

6.  Madison Avenue keeps shrinking and the center of marketing gravity decentralizes to places like California, Boston, etc.

7.  Twitter stays independent. 

8.  Steve Jobs announces something/anything in a new, remark-able way that we can all learn from (again).  I am more interested in the innovative marketing practices he uses to announce his new "thing" than I am in the new "thing" itself.

9.  Geoffrey Moore writes a follow-up to "Crossing The Chasm" for the internet age.  Where are you, Geoffrey?  Your ideas are more applicable now than they were when you first wrote "Crossing The Chasm."  Shake us up with your brilliance!

10.  Marketers stop worrying about "social media ROI" and just start doing it.  What's the ROI of putting your pants on in the morning?

What do you think?  Anything on your wishlist you'd like to share with me?

-- @bhalligan

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