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Episode #73 - December 23, 2009
(Episode Length: 17 minutes, 21 seconds)


Today's Special Guest Host: Pamela Seiple , HubSpot Marketing Team

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Bloggers Beat Out Magazines in the Fashion World

  • http :// www . nytimes .com/2009/12/27/fashion/27BLOGGERS. htm
  • "At the shows this year, there were more seats reserved for editors from Fashionista , Fashionologie , Fashiontoast , Fashionair and others, and fewer for reporters from regional newspapers that can no longer afford the expense of covering the runways independently."
  • "But it is somewhat surprising that designers are adjusting to the new breed of online reporter more readily than magazines, which have been slow to adapt to the demand for instant content about all things fashion. Blogs are posting images and reviews of collections before the last model exits the runway, while magazine editors are still jockeying to feature those clothes in issues that will be published months later."
  • Marketing Takeaway - As the world of marketing changes you have to be flexible and adaptable.
The Pizza Turnaround
  • How Dominos is Using Customer Feedback and Social Media Outreach to Reinvent Its Brand
  • "Despite Dominos' negative experience with social media earlier this year, which involved the explosion of a YouTube video showing two employees doing repulsive things with Dominos ingredients, the brand is now embracing the channel to promote its brand with its new Pizza Turnaround campaign."
  • "To launch its "turnaround," Dominos has created a new website, www . pizzaturnaround .com, which features a new video documentary on YouTube (see above) that uses real Dominos employees to tell the story of how Dominos listened to its critics and is changing its pizza recipe for the better."
  • " Dominos is encouraging consumers to try the new pizza and offer feedback via social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube ."
  • Things they're doing right: transparency, listening to customers, using various social media tools
  • Marketing Takeaway: Social media is a great channel for customer feedback to help improve your brand.

Yahoo's Holiday Marketing Stunt & Disney's "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." Campaign

  • Yahoo's Brilliant Holiday Marketing Stunt
  • "On Dec. 23, Yahoo sent employees to the San Francisco and San Jose airports to pay for airline customers' baggage fees"
  • A Yahoo rep called the stunt "one small act of kindness," saying they "hope[d] to inspire the Yahoo community to create a wave of goodwill." 
  • "Putting the idea in consumers' heads that Yahoo is a company that will make navigating the world simpler and cheaper" is "brilliant."
  • "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." Promotion Kicks Off 2010 
  • "Starting January 1, 2010 when you sign up on Disney's website to volunteer a day of service with one of the many organizations listed, Disney will give you a voucher for a free 1-day, 1-park ticket to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World as a way of thanking you for your volunteerism ."
  • "The goal is to get one million people to participate."
  • "Disney has really hit a home run with this amazing opportunity by encouraging volunteerism , especially among families, and the benefits you receive will extend beyond the 1-day, 1-park ticket. You'll make some heart-felt memories while at the same time helping those who really need your help."
  • Marketing Takeaway : We're starting to see a recurring trend in using volunteerism and "giving back" as a marketing tactic.
  • Marketing Takeaway 2: Use any opportunity to create great content. Volunteer to give back as a company and create blog posts, post photos, interview people, and put everything online !
University of San Diego Study
  • How the Web is Saving the Written Word From the Brink of Death
  • "A new study conducted by the University of San Diegodispels recent rumor that the written word has died due to the rise of the more visually stimulating media like video and images." 
  • "In fact, the study finds that the influx of new technologies is causing us to read even more than we used to, revealing that reading has actually tripled between 1980 and 2008."
  • "Although the written word may be knocking at death's door in the world of print publishing, it's certainly alive and thriving on the World Wide Web."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Focus on business blogging to take advantage of this increased reliability on the online written word by consumers.
Google Caffeine Launch
  • Google Is About To Get Caffeinated With A Faster Search Index
  • "Caffeine is an under-the-hood upgrade to Google's search index algorithms." "Most people won't even notice the change."
  • "It will significantly speed up how fast Google can present results, especially across different media types such as photos and videos. Overall, search will be more realtime ."
  • "An independent study  conducted in September by SEO firm Summit Media suggests that for generic search terms, Caffeine gives more weight to news and social media results, while more specific keywords are more likely to turn up websites about that topic."
  • Study findings: "Rankings are unlikely to fluctuate. Websites that do lose rankings are likely to be relying on older, archived content that's not been updated in years. Keeping your site fresh to be crawled by Caffeine will be important_."_
  • Study findings: "Generic terms against long tail terms in Caffeine show a greater priority for News, Information and Social Media - which fits with generic terms being less clear in terms of the searcher's intent."
  • Marketing Takeaway: Avoid losing search rankings by regularly updating your site's content. Keep it fresh.
Forum Fodder

Marketing Tip of the Week: As the new year rolls in pay attention to what other companies are doing right and wrong, be adventurous and take risks in your marketing. 


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