Do you know when Twitter users are most active?

This question may seem plain, but a close examination of the data results in an interesting discovery of people's attitude toward Twitter usage and what role it plays in their lives.  

The HubSpot team analyzed data from over 5 million Twitter accounts and 6 million tweet reports on some of the changes to the population of Twitter users over the past six months. Specifically, we examined the distribution of tweets by day and discovered that most account holders treat Twitter as a service that accommodates both relaxation and professional development.

The graph on distribution of tweets by day shows two trends.

First, most tweets take place on weekdays, which may imply that business professionals treat Twitter and work in a similar way-something that should little interfere their spare time. This speculation is reinforced by the sharp decline of number of tweet reports on weekends.

A sub-trend, however, adds subtlety to the overall conclusion.  As shown in the graph, the largest peak of tweets occurs on Thursday and Friday, which are not necessarily the most productive work days of the week. In fact, numerous reports argued that Friday tends to be the most unproductive day of the week. Therefore, we may infer that though Twitter is often associated with professional development, it does not always carry the serious atmosphere of an intense work environment.

Of course, we cannot conclude from the data whether the same group of people uses Twitter for both relaxation and professional development or different groups of people use it for an exclusive purpose. Either way, Twitter proves effective and flexible enough for social and professional networkers to align their profiles with their purposes.

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Originally published Jan 20, 2010 8:30:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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