According to our most recent State of the Twittersphere report, Twitter's international growth continues.

The report, based on HubSpot analysis of over 5 million Twitter accounts and 6 million tweets, shows a much broader and diverse range of self-reported international locations than what we reported six months ago.  

A closer look at the distribution of Twitter users by location shows that much of this growth took place in non-English-speaking places.

More specifically, here is what we discovered:

  • July 2009: 15% of top 20 Twitter locations were outside North America
  • January 2010: 40% of top 20 Twitter locations were outside North America

The list of locations (below) shows that some of the most significant international growth took place in Brazil, Germany, Singapore, and Indonesia.

One note about this table: It lists the top self-reported locations on Twitter, not top locations in general. Because the data is self-reported, there's a lot of overlap between places, eg. people who list Boston vs. people who list Back Bay vs people who list Com Ave. They all live in the same place but will be counted differently. The upshot: though not precise, the data provides a general sense of Twitter's geographic distribution.

Other studies have also noted the growing internationalization of Twitter. We will likely witness Twitter's reach to a larger international population as its language support matures.

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Originally published Jan 21, 2010 8:30:00 AM, updated October 01 2013


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