The Best of Inbound Marketing University in 2 Minutes

Roshni Mirchandani
Roshni Mirchandani



In a marketing world full of questions, it's good to know that technology makes it easier to connect with our fellow marketers and share in each other's wisdom.

Inbound Marketing University is a free community of marketing professionals seeking to enhance their marketing skills through education. Our university professors are some of the best thought-leaders in the Inbound Marketing world, and each has imparted some amazing knowledge to our community.

If you missed out on the fun of the past 3 semesters of Inbound Marketing University, take a look at the video below to grab 5 quick tips that our amazing professors shared with our community.

The Best of Inbound Marketing University in 2 Minutes

1. "Buyer Personas" by David Meerman Scott
Scott explains how to market to "real-life" people instead of nameless, faceless crowds. In order to effectively reach audiences, companies should identify unique buyer personas and market accordingly.

2. "Keyword Usage" by Rand Fishkin
Although optimizing sites through precise choice of keywords may seem to reign prominent, it is actually a small percentage compared to other strategies that make up the complete Google algorithm. However, keyword usage should still be monitored closely.

3. "Creating Content" by Elyse Tager
Those blog posts, videos, or even Facebook statuses that people continuously post and update throughout the day is content -- which may or may not drive people to your site. Frequency and value of content creation is key to making a statement about yourself and allowing people to connect with you.

4. "Blogging for Google" by Mack Collier
Google loves blogs. If your company posts on its blog regularly, the blog will accordingly improve in Google's rankings. However, if you are not a frequent blogger, not only are you losing out on this valuable SEO opportunity but your company is also susceptible to dominance from other people's blog posts about your company.

5. "Segmenting Traffic" by Avinash Kaushik
Kaushik demonstrates the importance of segmenting website traffic into different groups of people. Instead of lumping all data into one category, it is imperative to realize that people may visit your site with different intentions, motivations, and desired outcomes. The fundamental flaw to analyzing website traffic is falling under the presumption that everyone is the same.


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