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Episode #78 - February 5, 2010
(Episode Length: 26 minutes, 19 seconds)


  • On the show today is Mike Volpe (@ mvolpe ) and David Weinberger (@ dweinberger ).  Karen Rubin is out this week.
  • As always, all the old episodes are in iTunes: If you like the show, please leave a review!
  • Mike will be traveling to Southern California, Washington DC, Atlanta and Portland, OR in the next few months.  So let me know if you have anything cool going on in those areas or want to try to set up an event.  Also, we're considering doing an "on location" HubSpot TV in Las Vegas, so let me know if you would attend that event live:

Special Guest - David Weinberger


CEO of Sun Resigns by Haiku on Twitter

  • Sun’s Chief Executive Tweets His Resignation
  • Jonathan Schwartz, the last chief executive of Sun Microsystems, has become the first Fortune 200 boss to tweet his resignation.
  • "Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more"
  • Marketing Takeaway : Twitter and social networks are now mainstream communication tools.

Traffic to Retails Sites Decreasing from Email, Increasing from Social Media

29% of Companies Do Not Have a Social Media Policy

Forum Fodder from

  • From Softweb Solutions : We are a software development firm that offers technology for various uses. Having few months of experience in SEO, I know that the strategy for developing microsites for different technologies works. It drives better traffic from search engines, but would the same strategy work out for blogs? I mean, should we have different blogs for the different technology that our company provides or should we have a single one? I feel that a single blog is better because it's easier to manage, but I still have doubts.




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