Video Case Study: Marketers Experiment with Chocolate-Free Valentine

Jeanne Hopkins
Jeanne Hopkins



Virtual Valentine Video Gets Visitors!

It is almost Valentine's Day, and we marketers are looking for ways to get eyeballs on our websites and blogs.  What better way than by having others tell us how much they LOVE various things in their lives (besides chocolate) -- things like CNN Money, Twitter or Smashing Magazine. Our friends at MarketingExperiments created a video that plays to their love of fun.  (Full disclosure: I am a former employee of MarketingExperiments and maintain a wonderful relationship with the folks in Jax Beach, Florida, their headquarters.)

In a quick interview with Daniel Burstein , editor of the MarketingExperiments Blog , he answered my questions about how he pulled together this new content.  

Is this the first video you've produced like this? 

We've recently launched a YouTube channel and while our focus has been on producing quality, educational content that helps marketers boost ROI, get a huge promotion, and eventually buy a yacht...we like to have a little bit of fun from time to time as well.

So with one of the all-time best marketing "gimmicks" approaching on the calendar -- Valentine's Day -- we figured we'd produce something a little different for our MarketingExperiments blog subscribers.

What did you hope to get as results with this effort?

Everything we do on the our blog revolves around our community of 100,000 marketers. This is not a one-way content stream. We like to feature the expertise and opinions of our audience.

For an upcoming community-written blog post, we want to feature our reader's favorite advertising and marketing industry news sources. Of course, everything is a little more fun with a bit of creativity behind it. So we made this video to make the request to them a little more challenging. We want to know the news sources they don't just like, but really love. What blog would they sing "Cuando Me Enamoro" to? If they could only pick one, who would they "Choo-choo-choose?"   And we hope that passion will come out in the submissions we receive.  We'll post our favorite, most creative responses in a blog article.

What did you do to promote this Valentine's Day video?

We're very fortunate that the followers of our blog are some of the finest marketers this side of a Burma Shave billboard. So they do their fair share of promoting our content on their own. Then we're doubly fortunate that between our lab and our sister companies, we have the type of people who naturally like putting their sales and marketing skills to use for a good cause (and driving traffic to the MarketingExperiments blog is always a good cause).

Our main promotion strategy at MarketingExperiments is to produce quality content our audience will love and share -- whether that's something as useful as showing marketers the best ways to optimize email response or simply having a little Valentine's Day fun like we did with this video.

The concept of the collaborative effort is wonderful. Your presenters all seem calm and in the moment. How did you get them to do that?

It all comes down to good relationships. We had a lot of fun making this video, but we have a lot of fun every day here at MarketingExperiments.  There's a tight team of really talented people in all different fields, and we enjoy trying to push each other to go higher.

And, of course, it always helps to have an amazing director. Austin McCraw had a great vision and was able to coax quality performances out of an acting troupe on the same level as the cast of "Jersey Shore."

Are you producing creative online videos as part of your inbound marketing efforts? 


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