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Episode #80 - February 19, 2010

(Episode Length: 28 minutes, 53 seconds)


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  • On the show today is Mike Volpe (@ mvolpe ), Karen Rubin (@ karenrubin ) and Matt Douglas (@ MattDouglas )
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Special Guest Matt Douglas


Inbound Marketing Book Reaches #74 on Amazon

  • Marketing Takeaway: Go buy Inbound Marketing if you haven't already. Help us get to the top 50!
Southwest Ejects Large Movie Producer
  • Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines Are Not A Good Fit
  • "Long story short: Kevin Smith is a large man. As a result, due to a flight change on Saturday flying from Oakland to Burbank, Smith was told he had to leave a flight because he did not have two seats to sit in since he apparently cannot meet the single seat standard for Southwest."
  • "Smith, 39, responded with a barrage of profanity-laced Twitter posts, saying he was treated worse than a terrorist. 'I know I'm fat, but was [the pilot] really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?' he tweeted."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Avoid problems by being clear and honest about your product and maintaining consistent service.
Are Social Media Sites Responsible for Social Monitoring?
  • Philly targets Facebook, Twitter after snowball fight turns ugly
  • "Two members of the Philadelphia City Council are considering legal action against Facebook, Twitter and MySpace in the wake of a 'flash mob' earlier this week that turned violent, according to a letter sent to the city's mayor and obtained by CNET. The letter, written by council members Frank DiCicco and James F. Kenney, explains that this is the second such time a band of mischievous teens has formed via social media and went on to destroy property. 'We believe that the lack of monitoring of these sites allows for mass, organized riots to occur.'"
  • Marketing Takeaway : Social media can be used for good or evil, so make sure you are on the right side of the fence.
Search Engine Use Linked to Personality
  • Study Finds Link Between Brand Building and Search
  • A study by Wunderman (owners of Compete) found that what search engine consumers use to find a brand's website impacts their perception of that brand and impacts their decisions made while they're on the site.
  • "The demographic and psychographic profile of each loyal search engine user is different. Bing users, for example, tend to be mostly from the tip of the adoption curve (innovators and early adopters) where Yahoo! and Google's passengers tend to be middle majority."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Make sure you figure out what search engines your customers are most likely to use.

Forum Fodder

  • Jim - " Should I follow my competitors using Twitter, and how do I get their followers to follow me? "
  • M2 - Following is easy, listening isn't. Follow everybody that affects your business: customers, vendors, competitors, etc. Use a Twitter client to build lists that isolate the useful signal and funnel it into more manageable buckets. (I like TweetDeck; Seesmic is another option, and there are others.) The lists will help you find the conversations that you want to monitor or join.

Marketing Tip of the Week: Sell umbrellas , not rain.


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