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Episode #81 - February 26, 2010

(Episode Length: 26 minutes, 41 seconds)


Special Guest, Olympic Gold Medalist Colleen Coyne

  • Why I Would Hire Bode Miller as My Inbound Marketer
  • "If you are honest in your approach to creating content , it's going to work out in the end. There might be some bumps along the way, but the satisfaction of knowing you gave it a truly honest effort will be rewarding in and of itself. Additionally, you will definitely gain a following. There is no reward without risk, and there is definitely a market for authenticity."
  • PPC is like liposuction
  • Olympic athletes' social media restrictions

Doin' It Wrong

  • Citibank Freezes Some Fabulis Assets
  • From HubSpotter Christopher Haddad - Does Citibank Suffer From Homophobia Or Just A General Dislike For Startups?
  • Citibank apparently froze the assets of Fabulis because of "objectionable content" on the company blog.
  • Fabulis is an established company with investors ($625K) and an experienced entrepreneur as founder (Jason Goldberg - SocialMedian and Jobster), but they are "the social network that helps gay men connect with amazing experiences nearby and around the world"
  • Citibank never called or warned Fabulis at all
  • Marketing Takeaway : Aggressively communicate with customers and be available for comment quickly. This will help problems from spiraling out of control.


Should Mahalo Say "Mahalo" to Google for Tolerating Spam

  • SEO guru Aaron Wall gets upset that Mahalo is stealing his content, not adding value and still ranking in Google.
  • Matt Cutts (head of Google anti-spam team): "When trying to decide if a page is spam, it is helpful to ask yourself this question: if I remove the scraped (copied) content, the ads, and the links to other pages, is there anything of value left? If the answer is no, the page is probably spam."
  • Comic response from SEO Black Hat: Spam vs Mahalo: Matt Cutts Explains the Difference
  • Marketing Takeaway : If you are not Jason Calcanis, you need to create original and valuable content to rank in search .

Twitter Goes Yahoo

  • Details: The Yahoo-Twitter Partnership
  • "We knew that the Yahoo-Twitter partnership would be comprehensive and more encompassing than Twitter's search partnerships with Google and Bing, but now Yahoo tells us the integration will focus on three primary areas:
    • Access to your Twitter feed on Yahoo
    • Ability to update status from Yahoo
    • Yahoo Search and media integration
  • Marketing Takeaway : Keep doing inbound marketing. Developments like this just make it more effective.

Bravo to Foursquare as They Partner with Traditional TV Media

  • Foursquare Teams With Bravo TV
  • "Starting Monday, Bravo will begin offering Foursquare players badges and special prizes when viewers visit more than 500 Bravo locations. Locations will be picked by Bravo to correspond with select Bravo shows including "The Real Housewives," "The Millionaire Matchmaker," "Top Chef," "Kell on Earth," "Top Chef Masters" and "Shear Genius."
  • Although this deal will help put Foursquare in front of millions of mainstream television viewers, it also offers the company a chance to try to blur the lines between traditional television media and mobile experiences. Although some television executives have been successful integrating TV and the Web, merging TV with mobile has proved to be more difficult.
  • Dennis Crowley, Foursquare's chief executive, said the company was excited to work with Bravo and push some of these boundaries further. "Bravo's shows really overlap with our users and a new mainstream audience that we want to reach. I don't think check-ins are a nerd-only experience. It's about sharing content and experiences with others."
  • Marketing Takeaway : Making trades is better than paying cash for advertising.  Get creative!

Forum Fodder

  • Question from - How many times should a keyword appear on a page for optimal density?
  • Ben Robbins - For several years now, good sources at Google (like Matt Cutts) have indicated that keyword density carries little or no importance in their algorithm. Keyword-related factors that are still considered include anchor text for editorial links, page title, page URL, and heading tags. They also seem to reward pages with lengthier content, maybe 500+ words, and long tail keyword variations.

Marketing Tip of the Week : Cheating does not work.  Don't spam Google, and don't rely on PPC alone.  Do the hard work and inbound marketing will pay off .



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