Going to SXSW? Rate Speakers and Win an iPad!

Kipp Bodnar
Kipp Bodnar



Boring presentations suck.

Don't you hate it when you attend an event and feel like the speaker is completely wasting your time?

Conferences are expensive and networking time is too valuable to waste by sitting down and listening to a bad speaker. With South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) coming up, our team wanted to solve this problem. 

Introducing Speaker Grader !


Speaker Grader is the newest free tool to join the Grader family.  It rates speakers at conferences via votes gathered from Twitter.

It is easy to get started with Speaker Grader. While attending a presentation, send a tweet that contains all 3 of the following:

  1. The @speakertwittername
  2. The #eventhashtag
  3. Your vote, which is either #upvote if you think the speaker is doing a good job or #downvote if you are unhappy with the presentation. 
Optional: Any other feedback you wish to include in your tweet is fine, but make sure the first three items are also included.

So a sample tweet for SXSW would look something like:

"I #upvote @GaryVee for speaking with passion at #sxsw."

Using Speaker Grader is as simple as sending a tweet; no sign up or login needed.

Please make sure to check out Speaker Grader during SXSW to see who is being voted as the best and worst speakers from the event.

One more thing...

As a way to reward people who take the time to grade speakers during SXSW, we will be giving away Apple iPads.  More specifically ...

The most active Speaker Grader voter each day will win an iPad!

Note: Individuals are only eligible to win once. The most active grader at the end of each day (11:59 p.m. Central Time) of the conference will win an iPad. 

Get SXSW News:

HubSpotters will be live-blogging SXSW, covering the hottest presentations and announcements. For the latest HubSpot SXSW coverage, please stay tuned to http://blog.hubspot.com/sxsw .

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