Pull Leads Down Your Funnel With Marketing Offers

special offer Everybody knows -- or should know -- that blog content is critical to successful online marketing in today's world. 

Less talked about (but perhaps even more important) is offer content.

As a marketer, offers are your lead generation ammunition .  They're information and resources  your site visitors want to consume and are willing to give you their contact information in exchange for. Offers are simply the best ways to generate leads from your website .

The people who respond to your offers might not always realize it, but by providing that informational resource, they have turned themselves into leads for you and your sales team to follow up.

sales funnel So, what makes a good offer?  How do you go about creating these resources?  Perhaps a better question is, "Who is your target?"  One of the real truths about Web site visitors is that a huge majority of them are simply looking for information.  People who find your site organically have likely visited some other site before they even got to yours, so creating offers that will educate and nurture the top of your funnel is your number 1 priority.

Great, so you've got some people in your funnel. 

Now what?

The next step can be extremely automated, and it's a step where your offers can do a lot of the work for you.  If you've got a lead that converts through a top-of-the-funnel offer, you should consider giving yourself the ability to put more middle-of-the-funnel offers in front of them by simply sending them some email.  
We call this lead nurturing, and it's been proven to work wonders for many companies in terms of automating an effective marketing tactic.  The goal of these lead nurturing campaigns should be to get other offers in front of your leads with the hope that they'll re-visit your site and convert on a lower funnel offer.  

So, with two lead-conversion events under their belts and without having to use any actual manpower, your sales team is going to forget they ever had to make a cold call. 

In essence, you've won.  Your leads will be better educated and versed in your product offerings and will be more likely to use your solution to solve their problem.

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