SXSW: Keynote Content Captured via Gorgeous Graphic Art

Kirsten Knipp
Kirsten Knipp



Even if you did get to go to SXSW, there was way too much going on to attend even 10% of the talks.  Smartly, the organizers partnered with some super talented graphic artists who created visual representations of each of the SXSW Keynotes , highlighting the ideas and calls to action in technicolor glory.

Read and look on to get a sense of what was discussed ...

danah boyd Opening Keynote | Graphic by Image Think

An exploration of privacy vs. publicity and how current social media tools are failing or innovating in making us comfortable and safe online.  New terms I learned: PII (personally identifiable information) vs. PEI (personally embarrasing information).

danah boyd sxsw graphic

Valerie Casey Keynote | Graphic by Sunni Brown

A challenge to us all to apply systems thinking to solving big, hairy global problems with examples ranging from the hippo barrel to virtually zero footprint planned communities.

Valerie Casey Keynote Graphic

Evan Williams Interview Keynote | Graphic by Sunni Brown

Interview with Twitter CEO Evan Williams during which he announced Twitter's @Anywhere , a platform to extend the usefulness of Twitter to virtually any site.

Evan Williams Keynote Graphic

Thanks for joining our SXSW journey. There were not only a lot of inbound marketing takeaways, but some creative and inspring ideas for content creation and even ways to make the world a better place.  If you missed any, check out the full listing of all our SXSW posts .


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