Are you a non-profit that has considered advertising online to attract donors or volunteers but felt discouraged by the cost? If so, Google Grants is a great solution to your dilemma--it provides verified non-profits free entrance to the world of online marketing.

What is it? Google Grants is an in-kind donation program that allows select non-profits to do general outreach, fundraising, and recruitment for free using AdWords. AdWords, in turn, enables any organizations or individuals to design effective ads in terms of content, display positions, and duration, and pay only when someone clicks on your ads (a model called Pay Per Click).

Don't know where to start? In this free eBook, we will walk you through how to apply for AdWords grants, explain AdWords features in details, and provide tips in using these features to maximize your ad ROI (return on investment). The ultimate goal of this guide is to help you understand the cost-effectiveness of inbound marketing by tying AdWords features to the different stages of inbound marketing they serve.

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How does Pay Per Click fit into an inbound marketing strategy?

Here are 3 simple principles straight from the eBook to help you get started:

1.) Both Pay Per Click (PPC) and inbound marketing solicit viewers' permission to be informed of your products and services. Unlike traditional marketing, PPC and inbound marketing are non-interruptive.

2.) Since no one will click on our ads or websites without first locating them on a search engine, both PPC and inbound marketing leverage search.

3.) PPC does not build long-term assets that can be leveraged to strengthen an organization's online brand in the future. In contrast, inbound marketing harnesses the power of search-engine-optimization (SEO) to build and convert a network of website visitors into customers, volunteers, or donors.

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Want to learn more about non-profit marketing?

The free Non-Profit Inbound Marketing Kit includes 3 how-to videos and 3 educational ebooks on how to get found online in search engines, blogs, and social media. Learn how to attract constituents, volunteers, and donors to your organization with inbound marketing. Download the free kit here >>

Originally published Mar 24, 2010 11:00:00 AM, updated March 21 2013


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