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Facebook Launches Weekly Email Updates for Pages

Many marketers have a love/hate relationship with Facebook's Pages platform. Pages are Facebook's way of giving businesses and organizations public profiles, allowing them the opportunity to communicate with customers and prospects within Facebook . Tuesday, Facebook snuck out a new weekly email summary feature to users who manage Facebook pages.

With this new feature, if a person manages a Facebook business page , they will receive an email once a week from Facebook that provides the number of fans added in the past week as well as the total fan count; posts, comments and likes for the week and the previous week; and total visits to the page for the week and the previous week.  This feature wasn't formally announced by Facebook and has some users on Twitter pleasantly surprised:

faceboo e-mails

Taking Facebook Analytics to the Next Level

While the new email notifications are a good start for Facebook, there is much more they should be doing. For many businesses, weekly isn't enough. The social web has become a real-time environment where daily and instant updates have replaced weekly emails. In addition to only being once-a-week, the emails themselves could use some work. Take a look at the email digest we got here at HubSpot:

hubspot facebook

That is an ugly email, right? I am not suggesting they have a full-blown HTML template, but take a look at those links. Those are some of the longest links in an email I have ever seen. Likely, when those emails get forwarded to other team members, the links will break, leading to many frustrated people. Facebook could have easily used their URL shortener to solve this problem.

Additionally, data is only as good as the way it's displayed. Users should be able to click on a link for each stat represented in the report, sending them to a dashboard in Facebook that provides information for that specific statistic. One link at the bottom of the email to the general analytics dashboard is not a practical solution for busy marketers and business owners. This point brings up a bigger issue with Facebook.

For a company that has an abundance of data and information, they share little of it with the business users of their site. The analytical data for page admins is minimal.

They're missing a huge opportunity. I'm suggesting that Facebook should give business owners more data, but I am not suggesting they have to do it for free. Sure, it would be nice if they offered better, free analytics, but they could also generate revenue by charging business owners a monthly fee to access a more robust set of tools to analyze behavior and engagement surrounding the pages they manage.

What do you think about these new e-mails? Would you pay Facebook for better analytics and data related to your organization's page? 

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