A Marketer's Guide to Retweeting [Video]

Roshni Mirchandani
Roshni Mirchandani



Retweet-Viral-Pattern What is "retweeting"? How do you "retweet" on Twitter , and how is it beneficial for marketers?

Retweeting is simply sharing interesting tweets with other people. You can think of retweeting as forwarding an email. If you receive an email that is interesting, entertaining, or relevant to someone else, you will probably forward it on to your friends. Retweeting revolves around the same idea, where you share engaging content with other people.

The only difference is when you e-mail something, you send it to a person or a small group of people. When you retweet something, it is a public message that goes to all of your followers but also shows up in search engines allowing the message to have more reach.

Here's a brief 2 minute video about retweeting:



How to "Retweet"

Retweeting is a simple three-step process that you can do in under 30 seconds. First, find a message or post that you think your followers would be interested in reading. Next, on your homepage type in "RT @username". "RT" stands for "retweet", and "@username" is the Twitter ID of the original author so they are credited with the post. Finally, copy and paste the actual message (remember to stay within the 140 character limit).

Twitter also provides a "Retweet" button , which allows you to simply to click "Retweet" on an article that you would like to share, and it automatically gets posted to your profile!

Benefits of "Retweeting"

Retweeting holds many benefits for the content producer . When you post an interesting message, your followers will retweet it to their friends, increasing the potential of your message to reach numerous people and expanding your reach. It also credits you as a thought leader, meaning that people value your opinion and would like to share it.

Retweeting is also helpful for the person doing the retweeting, since they are able to increase credibility and trust if they are posting valuable content as well as build a relationship with the original author. Finally, the Twitter community is also benefited through the rapid distribution of news throughout the platform.

Remember to always provide valuable content -- this will establish you as a distinguised Twitter user and you will retain and attract more followers in the future!


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